fi-compass Showcase to feature at FI Campus 2019

Published on 30 September 2019


This year’s FI Campus 2019 will feature a new award to celebrate the success of the promoters of financial instruments featured in the fi-compass Showcase.

As part of the event, a selection of projects that have been submitted will feature at FI Campus 2019 for delegates to enjoy and discuss during the event. As well as providing the promoters of the projects the opportunity to showcase their work, the exhibition will also provide a stimulating environment for participants to consider during the networking sessions.

To add a further dimension to the exhibition, participants at FI Campus 2019 will be able to vote for their favourite project. At the end of the event, the project with the most votes will receive a small trophy to mark their achievement. The aim of the award is to celebrate all the achievements of the fi-compass stakeholders in 2019 in a fun way by acknowledging the success of one of the financial instruments featured in the fi-compass Showcase 2019.

First projects showcased

In addition, in early September, two of the early projects submitted under the fi-compass Showcase were published on the fi-compass website.

The first project to be showcased was a video prepared by the IFRRU2020 financial instrument based in Portugal. This fund of funds supports investment in urban development and energy efficiency across Portugal. It uses ERDF resources to leverage private sector finance from four financial intermediaries to support the renovation and development of buildings in urban areas.

The second project to be showcased was submitted by Invest NI, the Intermediate Body in Northern Ireland that has established a number of equity financial instruments. The video features a small company from Northern Ireland called Neurovalens producing wearable technology. Their product called Modius combines neuroscience and existing technology to solve health issues for users.

Further submissions are currently being prepared for publication and more projects are expected to be received. To discover them, please visit fi-compass News page here.

The deadline for submission of inputs was Monday, 11 November 2019. Submissions are now closed.