Video feedback from fi-compass events

Published on 19 November 2015

Delegates at the fi-compass events continue to appreciate the advice about financial instruments that is provided by experts and case studies. Examples of the positive feedback from the fi-compass regional European Social Fund seminar in Warsaw were recorded in short 'snapshot' video interviews.

One of these video snapshot interviews is with Barbara Dziubak, from the Polish managing authority who says that she found the “sessions were very useful, especially on the ex-ante assessments”. She welcomed the “direct interaction with the European Commission and the European Investment Bank” and the “opportunity to talk face to face”.

Another interview in this snapshot video from Pavel Chorąży, of the Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Development, notes how financial instruments and the ESF are “not an obvious combination, but the opportunities are interesting” and “the ESF could be a catalyst to make beneficiaries more familiar with opportunities created by financial instruments”.

An overview of the content of the Warsaw seminar is available on the fi-compass website, together with all the presentations and material linked to the event. For more information on fi-compass events to come, please go to the events calendar