The fi-compass expert group met for the first time on 30 April

Published on 16 July 2015

A fi-compass expert group has been established to provide advice to European Commission services so as to ensure the overall consistency of fi-compass, the advisory platform on Financial Instruments supported by the ESI Funds and the EaSI micro-finance. Advice should pertain to all fi-compass activities, and in particular the content and delivery of fi-compass work programmes, as well as themes and priorities for future calls for proposals for Multi-Region Assistance (planned to be launched in 2017 and 2019).

The first meeting of the fi-compass expert group, chaired by DG REGIO's Director Rudolf Niessler, took place on 30 April 2015. Members of the group (representatives of financial institutions and individual experts appointed in personal capacity) had the opportunity to present their background and experience with Financial Instruments, and to share ideas for topics that the group may cover in order to provide efficient advice on fi-compass activities.

In turn, the Commission presented the latest developments on the Investment Plan for Europe and the role of ESI Funds-supported Financial Instruments within the global priority of the new Commission to increase competitiveness and create jobs.

The EIB presented the horizontal strand of fi-compass, placing emphasis on the future deliverables and assignments planned, after which the group exchanged some ideas on how to further develop and manage the platform.

The members of the expert group also heard about the first call for proposals for Multi-Region Assistance under fi-compass, its objectives, eligible actions and timetable.

Further information about the group and its work can be found here.