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Published on 30 September 2019
fi-compass Showcase 2019 Award

There is a new way to stay up to date with fi-compass content. Registered fi-compass users can now choose to follow content relating to one or more European Structural and Investment Funds (ERDF/CF, ESF, EAFRD, EMFF), as well as specific Member States’ Country Data pages.

New content about financial instruments under European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) is being regularly published on the fi-compass website. This includes information about upcoming fi-compass events, resources from our past events, new Country Pages content, case studies and videos, as well as news articles. Registered fi-compass users who choose to follow one or more ESI Fund or Member State Country page will receive notification that relevant content is published. Users can choose whether they wish to be notified on a daily or weekly basis.

You only need three minutes to set this up.

Follow 2First, log in to your fi-compass profile or create a fi-compass profile if you do not have one yet.

Once you are logged in to your fi-compass profile and as you explore the website you will find a blue ‘follow’ button below the headers of some of the content of the fi-compass website.

Simply click this button to set up email notifications for all new content relating to the relevant ESI Funds (ERDF/CF, ESF, EAFRD, EMFF) or specific Member State Country Data page.

You can follow as many ESI Funds and Country Data pages as you like and you can manage your notifications under ‘My account’. Under the ‘Content notifications’ tab, you can see all the content you are following. You can set up how often you would like to receive these email notifications (weekly or daily) and unfollow content if you wish so.

Follow fi-compass on social media

Follow YouTubeFollowing our social media channels is another good way to stay up to date with newly published fi-compass content.

fi-compass posts regularly on social media about new publications, upcoming events and all other information about ESIF financial instruments.




You can follow fi-compass on social media by:

1. Subscribing to our YouTube channel: Log in to your YouTube account and click the red ‘Subscribe’ button;

2. Following our LinkedIn page: Log in to your LinkedIn account and click the blue ‘Follow’ button;

3. Following our Twitter account: Log in to your Twitter account and click the white-blue ‘Follow’ button;

4. Following our Instagram profile: Log in to your Instagram account and click the blue ‘Follow’ button.

We hope that these possibilities to follow new fi-compass content related to ESIF financial instruments will be useful to you.

In case of any further technical questions related to the email notifications or following of our social media channels, do not hesitate to contact