The Beacon Winter 2020/21

Welcome to our Winter Beacon newsletter.
In this edition, we feature a significant study on residential energy efficiency financial instruments in Lithuania, two new videos on the combination of grants and financial instruments as well as a new podcast episode with Yannis Tsakiris – Deputy Minister for Development and Investment in Greece on how ESIF Financial instruments support the development of the Venture Capital/Private Equity ecosystem in the country.
In the Stories section, discover how financial instruments have proved essential to meet the financing needs of various businesses in France, Poland and Lithuania in the important sectors of Agri and agri-food, Social finance and Energy Efficiency.
Finally, in the Events section, you will find information about our recent flagship ERDF and EAFRD webinars which were very popular among managing authorities and their partners.
We hope you enjoy this reading.
Energy-saving renovation in Lithuania: good for the planet…and for the wallet
Cold and badly isolated homes are just a bad memory for over 100 000 families who can now enjoy the new comfort level of their homes.
Poland’s National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship helps social economy enterprises in difficult time
Honorata Szatanik and Piotr Stachulak who are managing a cheese producing social cooperative tell us how the EUR 22 000 National Fund for Social Entrepreneurship loan supported their activities in difficult times.
Alter'NA finances sustainable agriculture in Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Thanks to the Alter'NA guarantee fund, hundreds of farmers in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region have already successfully implemented sustainable agriculture projects.
 What’s new 
New ESF video on Portugal Inovação Social
Portugal Inovação Social is an ESF initiative that is contributing to build up a healthy social economy ecosystem in Portugal.

New video on Energy Efficiency in housing
This short video illustrates how ERDF financial instruments can use Cohesion policy resources to mobilise private investment to finance energy efficiency projects in the EU.

New case studies feature financial instruments from France and Lithuania
This new publication highlights how the combination of grants with the Lithuanian Energy Efficiency financial instrument has played an important part in the implementation of the Modernisation Loan programme.

New podcast episode: financial needs in EU agriculture and agri-food sectors and possibilities offered by EAFRD financial instruments
Tune in to our new podcast episode on how EAFRD financial instruments can support the agriculture and agri food sectors in Europe.
fi-compass flagship conference on regional policy financial instruments
Current hot topics related to financial instruments under shared management funds were discussed such as the new legislative framework, combination opportunities under the EU Renovation Wave and InvestEU and its Member State Compartment.
Sixth annual EU conference on EAFRD financial instruments for agriculture and rural development in 2014-2020
The conference had a particular focus on the findings of the EU wide fi-compass study results ‘Financial needs in the agriculture and agri-food sectors in the European Union’, in the perspective of a timely inclusion of financial instruments in the CAP Strategic Plans for the 2021-2027 period.

A date for your diary: Financial needs in the agriculture and agri-food sectors in Italy
The webinar will focus on the financial environment in which farmers and processors operate in Italy. It will consider the banking systems, major financial players for the two sectors, and what is offered as loans, guarantees and various financial schemes with national and/or EU financing.
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