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New podcast episode: The implementation of an EAFRD guarantee instrument in Greece

Tune in to our new podcast episode on the implementation of an EAFRD guarantee instrument in Greece. A discussion with Costas Apostolopoulos – Evaluation and Institutional Support Manager at the Greek managing authority for Rural Development, hosted by Nivelin Noev, Policy Coordinator at the European Commission’s DG AGRI.

New CPR enters into force

A key objective of the CPR is administrative simplification, accelerating the delivery of public support in the real economy and streamlining the legal requirements for the development of financial instruments. The new CPR gives national authorities the possibility to set-up instruments suited to local, regional or national needs.

Exploring new waters with EMFF

Stock-taking and perspectives for the 2021-2027 programming period

The new fi-compass study on the financial instruments financed by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) in the 2014-2020 period is out. The study is based on feedback received from EMFF managing authorities and analysis of the ex-ante assessment work undertaken in some Member States: it evaluates the use of EMFF financial instruments and explores the potential use of those instruments after 2020..

Country Data pages updated

Have you checked out the fi-compass Country Data pages recently?

Member State specific information can be found on dedicated webpages together with data concerning the use of financial instruments in each country. The figures have recently been updated in line with the EU’s Open Data platform, so if you would like to find information relating to the financial instruments in your country why not follow the link below to the fi-compass Country Data pages.

The fi-compass Blog

EU financial instruments have helped numerous projects from across a wide range of sectors grow, mature and thrive. To show case their positive impact, we have created a centralised platform to highlight successes in financial instrument implementation – the fi-compass blog.

fi-compass Knowledge Hub

During the fi-compass 'Knowledge Hub – Audit and control of financial instruments 2014-2020’, financial instruments practitioners, DG REGIO and fi-compass experts shared their experience and exchanged best practices related to audit and control of financial instruments.

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