Discover the impact of financial instruments and how they meet the financing needs of businesses around Europe.

Portugal: ESF Social Impact Bond for coding bootcamps

Backed by a EUR 723 500 investment from the Portugal Social Innovation Social Impact Bond and private investors, Academia de Código bootcamps have enabled dozens of unemployed people to find a coding job in just 14 weeks!

Nasekomo: sustainable food from insects

Supported by a EUR 1.5 million-equity investment from the ERDF Financial Instruments in Bulgaria, Nasekomo, a successful biotechnology company at the forefront of European insect-based sustainable food production, will soon open an industrial demonstrator with a capacity of 600t/year.

New CAP: more flexible EAFRD financial instruments for rural areas

Silvia Michelini, Director for Rural Development in the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development in the European Commission, tells us the main novelties of the future Common Agricultural policy as far as EAFRD financial instruments are concerned.

ProFIT supports leading diet coaching app in Europe

Backed by a grant/loan combination funding from the ERDF ProFIT programme in the federal state of Brandenburg, Oviva, a leading diet coaching app has helped over 200 000 patients suffering from weight-related health problems.

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